Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact Refrigerator Review

Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact Refrigerator ReviewIf you are looking for a compact, yet spacious little refrigerator that is suitable for the home, office or dormitory, then we suggest you check out the very popular Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact All Refrigerator. This relatively new freezer-less model has been receiving glowing reviews and seems to be an obvious choice among its class. However, what exactly is so great about this unit over the myriad of other models vying for your hard-earned dollar? Please read on for a closer look at this fridge so you can see for yourself whether it lives up to the hype.

Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD – Key Features & Specifications

Generous Capacity For a Compact

The whole point of a compact fridge is to make use of small spaces, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice storage space entirely. The Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD is a good example of a roomy compact. This model provides a total of 4.4 cubic feet of storage space that is large enough to fit more than a ham sandwich and a can of soda. Whether you are stocking up for life in a dormitory or simply need extra cooling space for the home or office, this is enough room to make your purchase worthwhile.

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Sensible Interior “Freezer-Less” Layout

Another benefit of the DAR044A1BDD is that it uses the interior space wisely, featuring two and a half removable wire racks and two and a half door shelves. Moreover, the lack of a freezer area really frees up tons of space that would otherwise be occupied by an icy freezer coil. This allows you to organize your food items and beverages in a way that makes sense for you, and takes advantage of all of this model’s 4.4 cubic foot capacity.

Reliable Mechanical Thermostat & Defrost

We are fans of keeping things simple whenever possible, and the DAR044A1BDD’s mechanical thermostat is a good example of what we mean. A good mechanical thermostat works well and reliably, and is relatively immune to the potential issues that can plague a digital thermostat. This means you can expect reliable and trouble free maintenance of the temperature set point, without needing a PhD in electrical engineering to troubleshoot the unit. In addition, a nice cycle defrost deals with the unwanted buildup of ice around the cooling coils.

Integrated Beverage Dispenser

One great perk of the Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD is its “CanStor” beverage dispenser. This features makes it almost too easy to get your favorite drink, and you soon may have friends or family coming by to grab one right under your nose.

High Energy Efficiency

Refrigerators are some of the most energy-greedy appliances in the home, as the compressor units that drive them need lots of electricity, especially when starting up during their cooling cycles. However, you can rest assured with the DAR044A1BDD that you’re spending money wisely, as this model has passed the rigorous efficiency standards necessary to earn an Energy Star Certification.

Other Handy Features

Among the other design features we like about this fridge are it’s bright interior light, reversible door, and understated yet clean matte finish.

Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact Refrigerator User Reviews & RatingsDanby Designer DAR044A1BDD User Ratings

The DAR044A1BDD has earned an absolutely glowing 4.4 out of 5.0 star average satisfaction rating on amazon.com to date. Users love the freezer-less design and spacious 4.4 cubic foot capacity. They also praised the reliable, powerful cooling of this unit and the overall quality feel of the door mechanism and other design details. In addition, may favorable comments were aimed at the attractive look of the unit – and of course the tremendous value of this fridge for its size and performance.

Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact Refrigerator - the perfect home, office or dorm refrigerator!Price and Value

There’s no doubt that the very modest price of the DAR044A1BDD is one of its big selling points. Currently on sale for approximately $210 shipped, this is probably the very best-value compact fridge you can buy at the moment.

Concluding Thoughts on the Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD

In our view, the Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact All Refrigerator is the perfect choice for anyone seeking an office, dorm or auxiliary fridge that is small, yet packs tons of space that is not compromised by typically awkward and messy freezer areas.

This is a very well-thought-out little fridge that looks good, is reliable, has plenty of cooling power and is unusually affordable for a model with its capacity and features.

Simply put, this is a no-brainer 5-star deal.

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