Danby DAC6011E Review

Danby DAC6011E 6,000 BTU

Danby DAC6011E 6,000 BTU

For a nice little 6,000 BTU window air conditioner that is extremely energy efficient and is selling for a bargain, take a look at the Danby DAC6011E. To learn more about this little fire cracker of an AC, and hear what we think about it, please read on.

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There are many window AC units available in the 6,000 BTU range that can cool a room up to about 200 square feet. However, they are certainly not all equal in terms of price, energy efficiency and feature set.

For a very inexpensive option that does not skimp on quality and boasts a very high energy efficiency score, one unit to consider is the Danby DAC6011E 6,000 BTU air conditioner.

No, the DAC6011E does nothing revolutionary, but it is as solid as they come, with very good electronic controls, a crisp LED display, and a full function remote. It also has nice user-friendly features too, such as, an Energy Saver Switch – which reduces energy expenditure by cycling the fan following compressor shutoff; a sleep mode that makes for a quiet, comfortable night’s sleep; and an auto on/off control that allows you to schedule when to run the unit.

In addition, beyond coming with everything you’d expect from a modern window unit, the DAC6011E is extremely energy efficient.

Full Function Remote

Full Function Remote

Specifically, its Energy Efficiency Ratio – a product of its BTUs divided by its wattage – is a 10.7. The higher the better, and anything over 10.0 is excellent. Consequently, the very high EER of this Energy Star certified model means that it’s not only inexpensive to purchase, but very affordable to run, especially compared to most other window units that have much lower EERs.

The DAC6011E is fairly new, but already user reviews are 5-star, which is not surprising given the value you get with this model. In particular, one user commented that, in addition to cooling very well, this unit also runs quietly, which is a very good characteristic in any air conditioner, especially if you intend to install it in your bedroom.

Overall, we give the DAC6011E five stars. Why?  At its current sales price of roughly $200, it’s hard to beat this model’s power, unusual energy efficiency, quiet operation and solid feature set. What else can you ask for in a compact window air conditioner?

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