Danby DAC15009EE Review

Danby DAC15009EE 15000 BTU

Danby DAC15009EE 15000 BTU

Looking for a good deal on a larger air conditioner? For cooling down large spaces up to 700 square feet effectively and affordably, there is hardly a better option out there right now than the Danby DAC15009EE 15000 BTU Window Air Conditioner. For more information about what this model delivers and our thoughts on its performance and value, please keep reading.

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High-powered air conditioners are not cheap, even less expensive window units start to get very pricey once you go over 10,000 BTUs. That’s why we are pleased to inform you the Danby has a great 15,000 BTU model available right now that is currently selling for less than $400 – we are talking about the DAC15009EE.

But besides providing lots of power and a incredible value – a whopping 38 BTUs per dollar – this model has other very important design features that make it an excellent choice.

For example, the DAC15009EE is among the most efficient window units we’ve reviewed. The true test of an air conditioner’s efficiency is its Energy Efficiency Ratio, or “EER.” EERs are derived by dividing BTUs by wattage, so the higher the ratio the better. Most units’ EERs range anywhere from 8 to 10, with 10.0 being very good. However, the DAC15009EE clocks in at a 10.7, that’s just a couple tenths shy of  the highest scores we’ve seen. Consequently, this model very easily attains the Energy Star Certification – which means that you will spend less to operate this unit than most other similarly rated window models.

ScreenHunter_12 May. 01 14.02In addition to coming with lots of power, value and outstanding energy efficiency, the DAC15009EE is fairly quiet, rated at a low 60 decibels of sound, which is equivalent to normal conversation about at a distance of three feet. Not silent of course, but pretty darn good for a 15000 BTU air conditioner.

The rest of this model’s specs are fairly standard for its class:  electronic temperature control (with a range of 17 – 30 degree Celsius); 3-fan speeds; multi-directional air flow; energy saving mode; sleep mode; auto restart; and window kit.

Overall, there is not much to quibble with here:  the Danby DAC15009EE is a big, powerful, very energy efficient and extremely affordable 15000 window air conditioner that is relatively quiet and designed to cool large spaces up to 700 square feet. In short, it’s a fantastic deal compared to virtually any other similarly-rated option right now – so take advantage of it before it ends!

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