Damminix Tick Tubes Review

Damminix Tick TubesLyme Disease is no joke, and I should know because I’ve had it. And while there are many ways to treat areas around the home to reduce the likelihood of children or other love ones contracting this disease, in our view, none are safer and more effective than the Damminix Tick Tubes system. For more information about this Lyme Disease prevention system, please continue reading.

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Lyme Disease is very serious infection caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burdorferi. If attended to early enough with a proper course of antibiotics, the disease can be halted without lasting symptoms; however, if the bacteria continues to spread through the body unchecked, it can wreak havoc on the joints, nervous system and heart, and result in lifelong complications including joint problems, pain, facial paralysis, heart problems, memory loss/disorder, vision problems, etc.

Fortunately, not long after I contracted Lyme Disease while living in Connecticut and began suffering from horrible migrating joint pains, I sought medical attention and started on a course of antibiotics that stopped the disease. I’m happy to say that today, many years later, I do not suffer from any long-term effects that I am aware of, besides being generally confused from time to time – although this was the case before I had Lyme Disease too 😉

But better than early treatment is avoiding the disease altogether, which is why protecting yourself and your family from coming into contact with the deer/black legged ticks that carry this parasite is crucial.  And it’s not just a problem for people living in the Northeastern US – Lyme Disease is also present in the Western US, particularly in and around Northern California.

Indeed, in areas where this disease has been reported, virtually any outdoor activities where there is grass, shrubbery or woodlands can expose you to these ticks; this includes gardening or even walking around the home. Moreover, even your own pets can pick up these ticks and introduce them into the home and onto your body. Further, these ticks are often so small (especially the nymphs) that they are extremely difficult to detect.

In our view, by far the most safe and effective way to control deer ticks around the home right now is with Damminix Tick Tubes. Unlike sprays that are applied indiscriminately on all the vegetation surrounding the home, which can create a toxic environment, the Damminix system smartly takes advantage of the habits of the deer tick’s main host in residential areas – the mouse.

Specifically, the Damminix Tick control system consists of biodegradable tubes filled with cotton that has been impregnated with permethrin – an insecticide that’s one of the safest available, but is lethal to ticks. Mice find cotton to be an irresistible bedding material, and when they line their nests with this treated cotton, it kills the deer ticks on their body, drastically reducing the population of deer ticks in the area as a result.

Indeed, with its efficient, highly-targeted use of insecticide, this control system has been proven to achieve a 10-fold reduction in exposure to ticks that can carry Lyme Disease, all while remaining safe enough to obtain EPA approval.

In our view, considering how difficult Lyme Disease can be to detect and how easily it can be contracted, the Damminix Tick Tubes system is an ingenious, wonderfully safe and effective method for dramatically reducing you and your family’s risk of getting this disease. As such, we’d recommend this product to anyone looking for peace of mind in Lyme Disease prone areas.

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