Cuckoo CRP-HW1087F Pressure Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo CRP-HW1087F


The Cuckoo CRP-HW1087F Pressure Rice Cooker is a multilingual, modern marvel of smart technology and extreme cooking precision. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these space-age rice pressure rice cookers, please continue reading for more information.

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Cuckoo Electronics, a South Korean home appliance company, is legendary for their ultra-high tech pressure rice cookers.  Although Cuckoo has long been the leading rice cooker brand in Korea, they expanded into the U.S. about a decade ago, and have been becoming more and more popular here with rice cooking aficionados each year. Indeed, this brand is currently competing with other high-end rice cooker manufacturers, like the Japanese company Zojirushi.

Notwithstanding the competitive market, Cuckoo’s rice cookers often considered the highest quality among the most elite brands, and its patented Induction Heating technology and inner pot lining is touted as being the most effective and healthiest way to cook rice. For example, Cuckoo reports that its cookers can make “GABA” brown rice, which not a type of brown rice, but rather a precise method of cooking rice that maximizes its gamma-aminobutryric acid content, an amino acid associated with various health benefits.

On the front lines of Cuckoo’s cutting edge product line is the new Cuckoo CRP-HW1087F Pressure Rice Cooker.  This unit brings all of Cuckoo’s accumulated pressure cooking technology and overcomes the single major obstacle that has long discouraged many potential buyers – the language barrier.  Unlike other models, the CRP-HW1087F does not just speak Korean or Chinese; its now equipped with an English language setting too. This new language feature is nothing short of groundbreaking for the US market, and essentially unlocks all of the other settings of this space-age rice cooker for those of us who are not polyglots.

In addition to speaking English well, the Cuckoo CRP-HW1087F is replete with other high-tech features that simply must be used to fully appreciate. These include auto steam cleaning, turbo cooking, the GABA function, water stagnation prevention, 15 safety features, and a myriad of preset rice cooking functions for more rice types than we thought existed. And all of this is wrapped up in an attractive and durable casing with an ultra-responsive and modern LED touch panel.

As far as we’re concerned, the rice-cooking prowess of the Cuckoo CRP-HW1087F is unmatched, and its technology and design is without rival, surpassing that of other high-end manufacturers like Zojirushi. Of course, these are very pricey rice cookers, and if you don’t mind communicating with it in Korean or Chinese, you may be able to enjoy similar quality by choosing other slightly cheaper Cuckoo models, like the CRP-HN1054F or CRP-HS0657F; however, since you are paying a grip anyway, you might as well go for the English speaking Cuckoo CRP-HW1087F to fully appreciate what this machine is capable of.

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