Comfort Smart CS-18IR 600 Infrared Fireplace Review

Among the new and interesting versions of space heaters on the market today is Comfort Smart’s 600 Sq Ft Infrared Wood Stove Fireplace (model CS-18IR). This unit combines a classic design with cutting edge infrared heating technology.

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Wood stoves conjure images of cozy log cabins and vacation homes in the mountains; however, they can be a pain to maintain and stock with wood or coal, and are very difficult, if not impossible, to install in most modern homes or apartments.

Fortunately, heating your living or working space with a miniature version of a classic wood stove fireplace can be duplicated with modern space heating technology. Among the choices on the market today, one of the newest and most interesting is the Comfort Smart CS-18IR 600 Sq Ft Infrared Fireplace. This free-standing unit has key features that make it a smart buy relative to other space heaters in its class.

The Comfort Smart CS-18IR 600 is first and foremost a highly-efficient space heater. Using just 1,000 watts – less power than the average hair dryer – the advanced quartz infrared heating elements in this stove-type fireplace generate an impressive 3,412 BTUs of power, which makes it able to heat a room up to 600 square feet in area.

And not only does this electric fireplace generate ample heat like a conventional wood stove, it also looks the part.  With its traditional and clean wood stove look, equipped with life-like flames and glowing embers that can be operated independently of the heat settings, this unit keeps you warm, and conveys a sense of calm and serenity as well. Moreover, because its lightweight and does not require any ventilation, you can move this unit from room to room and simply plug it in.

Space heaters are a far cry from the unattractive and inefficient models of the past.  The Comfort Smart CS-18IR 600 Infrared Fireplace is an advanced space heater that looks great, heats efficiently and is truly portable. Accordingly, it is an ideal choice for homes, apartments, dorms, condos, the office, or anywhere else you need some warmth and desire an attractive, realistic wood-stove glow.

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