Comfort Furnace Portable Infrared Heater CF1500XHL Review

Be prepared for the winter. If you are looking to heat a large space, be advised that Comfort Furnace has just added to its outstanding line of space heaters with its Portable Infrared Heater model CF1500XHL.

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Baseboard, forced air and other conventional heating methods are highly inefficient, and result in high electricity bills. Likewise, fireplaces and wood stoves are charming, but require a constant supply of fuel, are messy, and pose significant fire risks. As a result, many people are looking towards space heaters as a viable alternative to traditional heating methods. Fortunately, they have improved markedly over the last few years. One recognizable name in space heating industry that has routinely received high user satisfaction ratings is Comfort Furnace.

Comfort Furnace has just released its Portable Infrared Heater model CF1500XHL, which has quickly become a hot product. The reason for this is its solid specifications and efficient design.

The CF1500XHL uses cutting edge infrared heating elements that draw only 1,500 watts, which is equivalent to the power of an ordinary hair dryer. However, this design is so ultra-efficient that it can heat a space of up to 1,000 square feet in total area. In addition, because it uses only infrared heat and a low-sound fan to distribute heat across the room, the unit runs silently and does not dry the air. Moreover, as you heat the air, the CF1500XHL cleans it with its washable, lifetime air filter that comes with the unit.

This space heater is easy to use. Just plug and pay. It also features an electronic thermostat with digital controls, and the entire unit can be easily moved from room to room on its rolling casters. Finally, the heater comes in an attractive wood cabinet that easily blends in and complements any room where it happens to be needed.

People keep coming back to Comfort Furnace for their space heating needs because they continue to produce well-built heaters. The new Portable Infrared Heater CF1500XHL is no exception:  it’s powerful; it’s highly efficient; it comes with a lifetime air filter unit; and it’s encased in an attractive wood cabinet.

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