Coleman NXT 2000012520 Portable Grill Review

Coleman NXT 2000012520 Portable Grill reviewIf you are looking for the hottest new thing in portable grilling, you really need to check out the Coleman NXT 2000012520 Portable Propane Grill. This model is the latest and greatest addition to Coleman’s very successful line of tailgate models and promises even more grilling area to go with its very powerful burners. Please read on for much more information about this model and exactly why it’s worth your hard-earned dollar.

Coleman NXT 2000012520 Portable Grill – Why We Love It

20,000 BTUs of Grilling Power

There is no substitute for lots of BTUs when it comes to grilling. Whether your are looking to perfectly cook a thick, juicy ribeye, or want to give your burgers nice grill marks, heat is what you need. Fortunately, this is in plentiful supply with the Coleman NXT 2000012520, which delivers 20,000 BTU across two burners, each of which can be controlled independently. This is a ton of power for a portable, and is why we like Coleman portables for the backyard or to take along when tailgating at the big game.

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321 Square Inches of Cooking Surface

The Coleman NXT 2000012520 Portable Grill is an eye-catcher that is all business!This grill has some of the most generous cooking surface you are going to find in a portable model, and with 321 square inches of cooking area, you can grill up to 18 burgers at once. Moreover, all of this space is usable thanks to the powerful heat thrown by the dual burners. No dead spots here!

Porcelain-Enameled, Iron Grates

There’s no debate that cast iron grates are superior for their heat-retaining properties, which results in a more effective sear and, hence, juicier meat. However, cast iron can be a PITA to clean and maintain – which is why Coleman has coated them with a porcelain enamel, which retains all of the beneficial properties of iron, while making it more durable and easy to clean. The best of both worlds!

Self-Igniting Design

Lighting the grill can be a pain, or sometimes hazardous for your health. The Coleman NXT 2000012520 does away with all that by featuring an instant ignition – a push button apparatus that gets your grill blazing with no fuss – or loss of arm hair!

The Coleman NXT 2000012520 Portable Grill brings massive power yet is supremely portable.True Portability

The NXT 2000012520 doesn’t just call itself portable, it really lives up to it, with an easy collapsing design that allows you to throw the entire grill in most trunks with ease. In addition, it comes with a pair of solid wheels you so you can easily move it around when looking for the perfect spot to set up.

Sharp Design With Extra Touches

This is a very clean and modern portable propane grill that catches your eye. But it’s quality is not only on the surface; this grill is high-quality throughout. It also boasts nice extras, such as a great temperature thermometer built into the lid, two very sturdy side tables for lots of prep room, and a scissor-type leg design that keeps the entire grill on solid footing while allowing for quick collapsing when the party is over.

User Reviews & Ratings

Although this grill is relatively new, users are already giving the Coleman NXT 200001252 high marks, and it’s currently enjoying an impressive 4.7 out of 5.0 star average satisfaction rating on Among other things, users praise this grill for its remarkably even cooking and the restaurant-quality sear marks that the powerful burners produce on all kinds of meats. They also note how easy it is to move around, despite it’s massive grilling power.

The Coleman NXT 2000012520 Portable Grill - the perfect tailgating grill!Price and Value

This grill is currently available for just over $200 bucks shipped. This is a fantastic price for this level of performance and portability in our book. In fact, this is probably the deal of 2014 when it comes to portable grilling.

Coleman NXT 2000012520 Portable Grill – Concluding Thoughts

We loved Coleman’s very popular RoadTrip LXE, but the NXT 200001252 has surpassed it, with a nicer, cleaner design and even more grilling area to keep your friends and family well-fed wherever you happen to roam. Moreover, considering the generous cooking area, massive BTUs, and ultra-portable construction, it is currently available for much less than other premium portable propane models. We suspect this price won’t last though, especially when more people hear about this new model. Act fast!

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