Char-Broil 12401734 TRU Infrared Grill2Go X200 Review

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Grill2Go X200

For a durable little portable gas grill that is affordable and perfect for tailgating, camping or taking just about anywhere, check out the hot new Char-Broil 12401734 TRU Infrared Grill2Go X200. For more information about this new release from Char-Broil, please continue reading.

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With spring approaching, it’s a good time to start thinking about portable grilling – whether it’s on the balcony, at a sporting event, on the beach or at the campground. Among the several options in the portable gas grill market right now, Char-Broil has just released a very exciting new model that we think is worthy of consideration. We are talking about the Char-Broil 12401734 TRU Infrared Grill2Go X200.

There are several reasons why we are fond of the Grill2Go X200. First of all, this little grill is built like a lunchbox for the gods – it comes with robust handles and leg supports and is encased in lightweight but extremely solid die-cast aluminum box that shuts solidly and can probably resist a direct hit from a grenade launcher. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. Whether you are schlepping this puppy through a canyon or towing it to a rowdy tailgate party, you can at least be sure that this grill can weather whatever you can.

In addition, this little grill’s high-quality burners can churn out an impressive 9,500 BUTs of infrared heating power – enough to sear even thick cuts of meat, and it can hold a good deal of food with is 200 square inches of grilling area. This actually a bit roomier than many compact grills we have seen lately, and is enough space to serve up plenty of food to feed you and the friends and family.

Further, this grill is built for ease of use. It’s equipped with a hood-mounted temperature gauge and has a handy push-button ignition system that is discretely built into the front leg support to prevent accidental firing or damage.

Finally, the Grill2Go X200 is designed to accept standard, commonly available 16.4 oz disposable liquid propane cylinders right out of the box. However, should you need it, it can be fitted to a 20-pound tank with an optional 4-inch hose adapter that can be purchased separately.

Overall, we think the Char-Broil 12401734 TRU Infrared Grill2Go X200 is a 5-star option for portable grilling. Indeed, this model checks all of the boxes for us:  it’s lightweight; incredibly strong; has a good grilling capacity; produces lots of BTUs of infrared heat; comes with an easy igniter; and can easily accept a 20-pound propane tanks with an optional fitting.

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