Champion Power Equipment 76530 LP/Propane Portable Generator Review

Champion Power Equipment 76530 LP

Champion Power Equipment 76530 LP

The Champion Power Equipment 76530 3500-watt LP/Propane Portable Generator is a great alternative to gasoline-powered models that is not only eco-friendly, but also relatively affordable for a liquid propane unit and comes equipped with key features. For more details about this new LPG portable, please continue reading.

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It’s not surprising that liquid propane (aka “LP”) portable generators are becoming more popular. Indeed, compared to gas, liquid propane has several advantages. First, liquid propane has a much greater shelf life than gasoline, which is important because generator fuel is something you need to have on hand, but may need to sit around for many, many months before you need it. Second, liquid propane is also easier to store, as it comes in its own pressurized tank. Thus, there is no need for venting your containers or the incidental release of gas fumes/odors during storage. And thirdly, LP is relatively clean-burning compared to gas, making it far friendlier to the atmosphere and your immediate surroundings.

As far as choosing a good LP portable generator that is sufficient for the typical homeowner seeking emergency power – or a unit capable of powering tools or multiple appliances for recreational/work purposes, one solid option that has recently become available is the Champion Power Equipment 76530 3,500-watt LP/Propane Portable Generator.

The 76530 has a snappy 196cc OHV cast-iron sleeve engine with recoil start that produces 3,500 starting watts and 2,800 running watts. This is enough electricity to start and run multiple power tools or large appliances simultaneously, like a full-sized refrigerator, TV and sump pump, along with lights, personal electronics, etc. Further, it has a better than average run time compared to your typical gas-guzzler, of approximately 10 hours on a standard #20 propane tank at half of maximum.

It also comes with critical product safeguards, like an low-oil sensor and engine overload protection, in addition to a full power panel, which includes a volt meter; (1) 120 volt, 5-20R outlet; (1) 120 volt, L5-30R twist lock outlet; (1) RV, TT-30R outlet; and dual circuit breakers.

Also important is this unit’s EPA and CARB-approval, which makes it available for purchase in 50 states, including California.

Overall, while the 76530 LP/Propane Portable Generator may be more expensive than a similarly rated 3,500 gas generator, it’s priced reasonably compared to most LP generators (which ordinarily are pricier than their gas counterparts anyway), and the additional upfront cost is worth the long-term benefits of running LP in our view, especially when its lowered emissions and easy fuel storage is considered.

We also feel that this generator comes with all of the necessary features for the typical homeowner.  Perhaps the only additional feature that we could have asked for is a dual fuel capacity – i.e., the capability to run on either gasoline or LP, like the DuroMax XP4400EH. However, this capability may not be needed for certain consumers, and such flexibility would almost certainly have increased the 76530’s sticker price.

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