Champion Power Equipment 42436 Review

If you are looking for a smaller portable generator that is actually portable, and is CARB-California approved, then you should take a look at the hot new Champion Power Equipment 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator.

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Portable generators come in all sizes and prices. However, many of us do not need very large generator units, and instead seek something that can be easily moved around or thrown in the car or truck for quick camping trips or visits to the job site. Indeed, while they call themselves portable, most “portable” generators producing more than 4,000 running watts are a huge drag to move around, and tend to make more noise when operating.

On the contrary, the brand new Champion Power Equipment 42436 1500-Watt Portable Generator is in fact portable. Weighing only 56 pounds, you can lift this unit all by yourself, without throwing out your back. However, despite being compact and relatively lightweight, its 80cc OVH engine still generates ample electricity. Specifically, this little unit produces 1,500 maximum watts and 1,200 rated (i.e., running) watts, which is fed to the generator’s single 120 volt outlet.

With its small, efficient engine, this generator is also advantageous in having long run times. The generator can last for up to 10 hours on a full tank at 50% of maximum load. Furthermore, unlike many other portable generator units, this one is EPA/CARB-California approved for sale in 50 states. Other notable features include its quiet operation (only 65 decibels of sound), full metal tubular frame, overload protection, low oil sensor and voltmeter. Finally, each unit comes with a 2 year limited warranty and Champion’s lifetime free technical support.

Overall, this is a fantastic little portable generator that is sufficient to power some heavy appliances, but light and quiet enough to easily take with you to the campground, cabin, job site or anywhere else where you need limited power – and don’t want to deal with a heavy, cumbersome unit that guzzles gas and disturbs the tranquility.

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