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If you are shopping for a new dishwasher and want a step up from the “bargain” models that abound, check out the Bosch SHX33RL5UC 24 In. Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher.  This unit has a lot going for it while remaining reasonably priced for a top-end washer. For more information about the SHX33RL5UC, please continue reading.

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Dishwashers are available at various price points; however, like most things, it usually does not pay to go for the least expensive options. Rather, we suggest sticking to proven brands that continually build upon, and learn from, their accumulated industry experience.

This is why Bosch is one of our favorite dishwasher manufacturers. Bosch’s models typically bring very solid German engineering and modern features that justify their slightly higher prices compared to other units in their class.

Take for example the Bosch SHX33RL5UC 24 In. Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher. This model has a very clean stainless steel finish and comes with Bosch’s most current arsenal of dishwashing features.

First off, the SHX33RL5UC is extremely quiet. Specifically, this model is rated for an operational noise level of 50 decibels – reportedly the quietest in its spec class. This makes the SHX33RL5UC virtually unnoticeable when running, even when sitting very close by. Considering that noise level is one of the chief complaints by dishwasher users, this is a very important quality.

In addition, this dishwasher utilizes a high-quality stainless steel tall tub. Stainless steel is widely accepted as the best material for tub construction, given its durability, ease of maintenance and superior heat transfer properties that facilitate quick heating/drying.

Other important features of the SHX33RL5UC are its NSF certified Sanitize Option that kills 99.99% of bacteria/microbes and speeds up the drying cycle; 4 washing cycles; a large 14-place setting capacity and generous upper automatically-adjusting rack and lower standard rack system; a very innovative leak prevention mechanism; and a large silverware basket.

Finally, aside from being well-built and coming well equipped, the SHX33RL5UC’s energy efficiency is outstanding. In fact, this model easily meets the power requirements and well-exceeds the Energy Star water use standards by 69 percent. Further, this washer has an EcoSense option that results in an additional energy savings of up to 20%.

Overall, the major drawback of the Bosch SHX33RL5UC 24 In. Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher is its slightly higher price relative to other built-in units. However, we think this model brings an extra level of design quality that warrants this – the SHX33RL5UC is ultra-quiet; uses high quality stainless steel inside and out; has plenty of wash cycles and an NSF-rated sanitize option; is very roomy with premium double racks; and is exceptionally energy and water efficient, which will lead to operational cost savings that will only continue to accumulate over the life of the unit.

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