Bosch SHE43R55UC Review

The new Bosch SHE43R55UC is an ultra-quiet tall-tub washer that has cutting edge features and options that make it one of the more interesting models in its class.

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Bosch is consistently among the most highly-rated kitchen appliance manufacturers, and is known for producing high quality dishwashing units. The Bosch SHE43R55UC follows suit with an impressive array of product features and smart washing technology.

One very important accolade that the SHE43R55UC can tout is extremely quiet operation. In fact, this unit generates only 48 decibels of sound, making it the quietest washer in its entire class. Another key feature is its Sanitize Option. By using high temperature water, this feature eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and improves drying results, thus meeting National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards of cleanliness.  As far as its tub, the SHE43R55UC uses stainless steel, which heats better, dries better than plastic tubs. The unit has 4 wash cycles a 14 place setting capacity.

Do you ever fear costly water damage from a leaky dishwasher? Well, Bosch is the only manufacturer in the U.S. to offer a high-tech leak-protection system, called “AquaStop,” in their dishwashers. AquaStop uses a tub and sensor system to detect leaks, shut down operation and automatically pump out water before it can make contact with the floor.

Besides coming with state of the art features, the Energy Star Certified SHE43R55UC is also very energy efficient. Specifically, it’s reported to consume a mere 259 kwh/yr, and save up to 280 gallons of water per year. This model also includes a Half Load cycle, which is used for washing small, lightly soiled loads that fill half or less of the dishwasher’s capacity. When selected, the unit’s sensor automatically adjusts to dramatically reduce energy and water consumption.

Finally, not only is this washer highly advanced, it’s also wrapped up in a durable and attractive stainless steel finish. Inside and out, the Bosch SHE43R55UC is an impressive washer – it’s ultra-quiet, efficient and has cutting edge features for the modern kitchen.

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