Black & Decker LST136 Cordless 36V String Trimmer Review

Black & Decker LST136

LST136 36V

They say that once you go electric, you never go back to gas. We’re not sure if this generalization is accurate, but it may be for some tools, like the very popular Black & Decker LST136 13-Inch 36-Volt Lithium High Performance Cordless String Trimmer. For more information about this highly-rated, cordless trimmer, please keep reading.

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Electric lawn/garden tools, while we love them, are not suited for all applications. For example, try plowing through a 3-foot-deep snowdrift with an electric snow thrower and let us know how that goes!

On the other hand, there are certain applications for which there is no reason not to use an electric cordless tool – like grass trimmers. Whether they are called string trimmers, grass trimmers or weed-whackers, we struggle to find a reason why you need a gas unit at all, except for those situations where you need a very long run time and/or cannot access a wall outlet.

Indeed, since a grass trimmer works merely by rotating a cutting line at high speed, an electric motor is ideal, since they can attain very high RPMs. This is definitely not a case where you need the greater torque of a combustion engine.

And as far as electric grass trimmers on the market right now, we are particularly fond of the Black & Decker LST136 13-Inch 36-Volt Lithium High Performance Cordless String Trimmer for overall performance and value.

First off, the LST136 uses a new and improved 36-volt battery and motor, which provides lots of power (up to 8,500 RPMs) and great run time for a cordless trimmer. Moreover, it comes with a quick-charger that can power up the trimmer within an hour.

blackdecker-LST136-pwrcmnd-smIn addition, this model uses a handy power adjustment feature (the “PowerCommand” dial) to switch between less power/longer battery life and maximum power settings, so you stretch run time where feasible. This is particularly handy when trimming large areas with fresh, non-woody herbaceous vegetation, where maximum power is unnecessary.

Other nice features of the LST136 are its automatic feed spool that avoids constant manual bump lengthening; a 180 degree rotating trimming head that makes it great for edging as well as trimming; a generous 13” trimming swath; and an auxiliary handle with a quick release feature.

Finally, this string trimmer has proven itself as a true workhorse, as evidenced by the consistent 5-star satisfaction ratings it receives. Indeed, many former gas-trimmer owners are forced to concede that the Black & Decker LST136 13-Inch 36-Volt Lithium High Performance Cordless String Trimmer is as good or better than their previous gas-hogs – with the added bonus of being far more lightweight and easy to use and maintain. What else can you ask for in a grass trimmer?

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