Black & Decker LC3K220 Cordless LawnCare Center Review

Black & Decker LC3K220 Cordless LawnCare Center

LC3K220 20-Volt Cordless LawnCare Center

For typical homeowners looking for a great deal on some key cordless lawn care tools, we suggest you consider the tremendous value you get with the Black & Decker LC3K220 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric LawnCare Center. For more information about this power tool trio, please keep reading.

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Easily among the most often-used lawn and garden power tools are grass trimmers, hedge clippers and leaf blowers. Further, with the cordless movement steadily advancing, more and more homeowners are turning to rechargeable versions of these tools, which offer freedom of movement and independence from wall outlets.

Well, for a tremendous deal on a cordless lawn care package consisting of a 20-volt grass trimmer, hedge trimmer and leaf blower, it’s hard to beat the Black & Decker LC3K220 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric LawnCare Center.

Specifically, the LC3K220 Lawncare Center comes with (1) a grass trimmer/edger that can attain 7,500 RPMs and cut a 12-inch wide path; (2) a very capable hedge trimmer that has a 22-inch long reciprocating blade; and (3) a very light, yet powerful leaf blower/sweeper that is remarkably quiet.

Further, each of these 20-volt units can be powered by either of two included 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery packs. Also thrown in with each purchase is a battery pack smart charger and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Beyond simply getting lots of tools for the money, the consistently 5-star user satisfaction ratings earned by this combo prove that each of them is durable and performs reliably. In fact, most reviewers emphasize how stunned they are at the quality of these tools given the low price of this set.

Overall, we have to agree that the Black & Decker LC3K220 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric LawnCare Center provides outstanding bang for your buck. In fact, considering that each of these tools individually would run you around $100 or more each, this set, currently selling for roughly $200, is nothing short of a screaming good deal.

Of course, while these tools are likely sufficient for the average-sized suburban home, they obviously do not have the power or feature set of some of the larger and more elaborate options within their respective product categories. Nevertheless, as testified to by numerous satisfied users, this 5-star trio gets the job done in most instances and for most homeowners – at a terrific price to boot.

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