Black & Decker CM1640 16-Inch Cordless Mower Review

Black & Decker CM1640 cordless lawn mowerBlack and Decker is one American company that needs no introduction, as it has earned distinction for producing consistently high-quality power tools and home improvement products. Since this company began from a small machinery shop located in Baltimore, Maryland where they inventing the first portable electric drill, and up to the present date, it was and remains an American icon that many people trust. But so much for company trivia, let’s talk about the Black & Decker CM1640 16-Inch Cordless Mower. Does this product live up to the company’s standards? Read more to find out.

The luxury of cordless, electrical power

The Black & Decker CM1640 is easily one of the most exciting cordless lawn mowers this year, and for good reason. One of the chief reasons is that this model uses a very powerful 40-volt MAX lithium-ion battery – of which two are included with the purchase of the mower to provide a longer runtime (Black and Decker estimates that it provides about 30 minutes of run time for two batteries).

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Lightweight and maneuverable

In addition, this mower capitalizes on the cordless aspect by being lightweight and very nimble without sacrificing cutting efficiency. The 16-inch cutting patch makes short work of even difficult grasses and is perfect for lawns of up to roughly 506 square meters.

Simply push-button starting

Another great thing about electric mowers is their ease of starting, and the CM1640 comes to life with a a simple touch of a button. No need for difficult pull starts or fumbling with choke settings!

Versatile cutting deck adjustment

If you are picky about how short you cut your grass, have no fear. This mower comes with 6 levels of height adjustment, which range from 1.10 to 3.10 inches. And the lever by which it adjusts the height is handily located and allows you to raise or drop the deck on all of its four wheels all together.

Built to last – and last

Like many Black and Decker products, this mower is manufactured with durable materials, including a nearly maintenance-free cutting deck, powerful motor and overall sturdy design that can also be stored easily and conveniently by folding down the mower’s handles. This feature also makes the mower extremely portable.

Very High user ratings

To date this mower has earned a user rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Among the comments there, most users expressed great satisfaction with the sturdiness of this mower, in addition to its dependable, strong motor and the great convenience of being able to store and easily carry it around. Further, as you might expect, users rave about the freedom provided from its cordless battery-powered design. If this model has any downfall, it would be that the batteries’ runtime was a bit shorter than what some users desired. Specifically, each battery lasts up to about 15 minutes, which may not be enough to do the job for those who have bigger, more difficult to mow lawns.

Concluding thoughts

If you want the freedom of cordless lawn mower but don’t want to sacrifice power and versatility, the Black & Decker CM1640 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower is an easy bet. However, if you anticipate needing more than 30 minutes to cut your lawn, you may find yourself having to charge the batteries while you work (which is possible because it comes with two). Nevertheless, what you don’t get in runtime you get back in great cutting power, maneuverability, a sturdy design and all-around high quality from an American company that remains one of the most trusted brands in the nation.

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