BISSELL 17N4 DeepClean Premier Pet Review

BISSELL DeepClean Premier

BISSELL DeepClean Premier Pet Upright

For dealing with tough stains, including pet stains, on carpeting, upholstery or rugs, the brand new BISSELL 17N4 DeepClean Premier Pet Upright Deep Cleaner is a very good choice. To see why this carpet cleaner is not just your average carpet shampooer, please read on.

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Anyone with dogs or cats and carpeting understands that periodic deep cleaning is a fact of life. However, many of us put off the inevitable because renting a carpet cleaner is a hassle, in addition to being costly.  The result is that many pet owners’ carpeting goes too long between cleanings, which makes for deeper staining and more stubborn pet odors.

One solution is to buy your own carpet cleaner; and if you have pets, preferably one that can handle pet soils – like newly-released BISSELL 17N4 DeepClean Premier Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, which is tailor made for dealing with entrenched pet stains, thanks to a variety of advanced features.

First off, this cleaner uses BISSELL’s patented Heatwave Technology, a system that maintains warm water at consistent temperature through the duration of the washing cycle for improved stain removal and a more penetrating wash.

It also comes with specialized Deep Reach and Tough Stain tools that are very effective on entrenched soils. The Deep Reach Pet cleaner tool in particular is engineered to lift deeply embedded pet stains by injecting water down into carpeting rather than spraying it onto the surface. This penetrating spray, combined with the unit’s dual power brushes and 12 bristle rows, cleans deeper and more thoroughly than typical top-down systems.

In addition, the BISSELL 17N4 DeepClean Premier is fitted with a large 1.25 gallon washing solution reservoir that allows you to cover larger areas without having to stop and refill, making the whole process more efficient and less tedious. Further, with the built-in pet hair basket filter, you don’t have to worry about hair or other small items clogging the unit or getting into the water reservoir.

Finally, beyond its impressive spec sheet, this carpet cleaner has been proven effective and reliable, as reflected by its consistently 5-star satisfaction ratings from users. In particular, purchasers consistently note how powerful the DeepClean Premier is on typical soils and pet stains, and how easy it is to assemble and use.

We also give the BISSELL 17N4 DeepClean Premier Pet Upright Deep Cleaner 5-stars.  Among other things, we like it for its advanced stain fighting heat technology; deep water injection; pet-oriented cleaning tools; and ease of use. What else do you need in an upright cleaner?

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