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Digging holes, especially post holes, plain sucks. Moreover, depending on your soil, this can be next to impossible to do manually, particularly if you have numerous post or tree holes to dig. But regardless whether you are planting trees, setting up a fence line, ice-fishing, or need to dig a neat hole for whatever reason, we’ve identify our top (2) picks for best-value post hole auger. Here they are, broken out by one or two-man types.

Best One-Man Post Hole Auger

XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger W/ Bit

Best one-man post hole auger: XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke

The XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC post hole digger easily wins the top spot in this category. This model uses a very powerful 2-stroke, air-cooled 55cc engine that is lightweight, yet still has tons of power to bore into difficult soils. Whether you are dealing with hardened clay or heavy, rocky soils, the power plant generates plenty of torque to dig deep and quickly.

Moreover, the powerhead comes with a 4-inch bit thrown in, which can dig down to  nearly 3 feet deep. A variety of other bits up to 12 inches in diameter are also available.

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User ratings have been outstanding, and the V-Type 55CC is currently enjoying an average satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars on, based on 46 total reviews. Users confirm that the engine starts reliably and is very durable, working season after season, and holding up under jobs requiring hundreds – in some cases thousands – of holes. In addition, they consistently praise the tremendous earth-eating power of this post hole auger, despite its affordability and very light weight for one-man operation.

In our view, the XtremepowerUS V-Type 55CC 2 Stroke Gas Post Hole Digger strikes an unusual balance between power, light weight, reliability and price. In fact, for a one-man post hole auger, we can think of nothing better on the market right now. Apparently we are not alone. An all-around excellent deal that will make your outdoor work immensely more pleasurable.

Best Two-Man Post Hole Auger

Earthquake 9800B 2-Person Earth Auger Powerhead

Best two-man post hole auger: Earthquake 9800B 2-Person Earth Auger PowerheadIn cases where you need much bigger holes and/or substantially more power, you will need a two-man post hole auger. And for that, we’d suggest you consider the Earthquake 9800B 2-Person Earth Auger Powerhead.

The Earthquake 9800B is built for commercial use and brings commercial power. Specifically, it is fitted with an American workhorse power plant – a 190cc, 675 Series Briggs and Stratton engine. This engine is legendary for the torque it produces and its durability in the face of routine use.

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In addition, the whole unit is constructed with an extra level of robustness. The power train is composed of solid steel and heat-treated alloy gearing that can withstand tremendous strain, and the large, 3-inch diameter centrifugal clutch is made for smooth power transfer and longevity. A heavy duty, tubular-steel powerhead cage provides additional protection and long, rubberized handles reduce vibration during operation and facilitate easy mobility from one site to another.  The Earthquake 9800B can be used in a variety of difficult soil types and is rated to dig holes up to 14 inches in diameter, making it an excellent choice for larger fencing and tree planting.

There are just two user reviews on to date, but both are 5-star. Both reviewers reported that this gas post hole digger performed reliably, and one confirmed that the engine cranked up after the first pull.

In our view, the fantastic power and reliability of the Briggs and Stratton engine, along with the very robust and commercial-grade power train of the Earthquake 9800B makes this a first-rate two-man post hole auger.  And the fact that a powerhead of this caliber is currently selling for under $400 really puts it over the top in our view. In fact, if you can find an equally-capable and well-built two-man post hole auger, we’d love to hear about it!



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