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Small Dehumidifier

If you’re looking for a Small Dehumidifier, you are not alone. But finding one that really works, and lasts, can be a big challenge. We’ll get to our pick for best small dehumidifier in a moment, but would like to walk you through how we selected it first.

In our view, the following criteria should be met by the best small dehumidifiers:

  • Must use a compressor.  The most effective models use a compressor and alternative technologies are either not as powerful or don’t work as well in smaller units.
  • Must be compact weigh less than 20 pounds. Yes this is an arbitrary cutoff, but anything more and you are getting into the more typical size/weight realm of consumer models generally.
  • Must have at least a 25-pint capacity.  Another arbitrary criterion, but anything less than this and the unit will be too limited for typical household/recreational use. A good 25-pint model has enough powerful for a small bedroom or studio apartment, but can also be used in a large walk in closet, RV/camper or even a boat cabin.
  • Must have a continuous drain option. This is important just in case the unit needs to run continuously and you can’t be there to constantly dump the collection tank.
  • Must have automatic defrost.  Below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, most compressor-driven models can quickly freeze up without an automatic defrost cycle, so this feature is critical.
  • Must have automatic shutoff.  If you are not using a continuous drain and don’t want to suffer water damage, you need a unit that will turn itself off when its water-holding capacity has been reached.
  • Must have great user reviews.  This one’s obvious, and is particularly important to determine how reliable the unit will be over the long term.

Based on these criteria we searched through compact models and compared features and read lots and lots of reviews on, which has a huge inventory of popular and highly-rated small dehumidifiers in the 25-30 pint range. We also paid special attention to comments by users in which they reported being able to use the unit for long periods of time – something that is relatively rare in the world of dehumidifiers.

So what did we conclude?  Without further ado…

Our Pick for Best Small Dehumidifier is:

NewAir AD-250 - best small dehumidifierNewAir AD-250 - best small dehumidifier

The NewAir AD-250 – The Best Small Dehumidifier

So why is this really the best?

  • It’s Super Small Yet Very Powerful. The NewAir AD-250 is an ultra-compact compressor-driven dehumidifier that has a 25-pint capacity but is just 11 inches long, 5.7 inches wide, 19.7 inches high and weighs 16.5 pounds. This power to size/weight ratio makes this dehumidifier unit pure dynamite for putting down humid conditions in anything from a studio apartment to a walk in closet while hardly taking up any space at all.
  • It’s Comes With Big Model Features. Moreover, the AD-250 comes with most of the features you’d expect in full sized models, including automatic defrost, automatic shutoff, a manual drain side-removable 6-liter condensate tank, and a continuous drain option if you want to “set it and forget it.”
  • It’s Extraordinarily Energy Efficient.  While this wasn’t included in our criteria above, energy efficiency is a huge bonus, and the AD-250 is quite possibly the most efficient 25-pint model around. This little dynamo consumes a mere 190 watts of electricity – this is NewAir AD-250 Reviewsequivalent to the energy required to run your average crock pot or window fan!
  • It Has an Exceptional Track Record of Reliability & User Satisfaction.  This model at present is averaging a 4.4 out of 5 stars on, which is a super high score for any dehumidifier in our experience. But what caught our eye in these reviews was not just that people loved its compact size, light weight and great power – but also that many users reported that they had been using the unit routinely for months or years without problem. This is impressive enough for a full-sized dehumidifier; however, in a compact model it’s almost unheard of! Don’t believe us? Click here to read the user reviews yourself!!

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