BenQ MW519 Review

BenQ MW519Whether it’s for the home or classroom, the BenQ MW519 2800 Lumen WXGA DLP Smarteco Projector is a powerful, yet compact model that provides impressive bang for the buck.  Read on to see what’s so special about this little projector.

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Projectors are everywhere these days, and the information and spec sheets seem to get more and more convoluted as technology advances. However, some things don’t change very much. For example, you can be sure that the more lumens and the higher the contrast ratio a projector has, the more impressive the picture/video will likely be.

This is one reason why we like the BenQ MW519 2800 Lumen WXGA DLP Smarteco Projector. The BenQ MW519 is a fairly compact (5-pounds) and is intended for small to mid-sized viewing spaces. Nevertheless, this projector delivers 2800 ANSI lumens, a 13,000:1 contrast ratio and WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution, all of which result in a strikingly sharp picture that provides impressive detail, even in varying ambient light situations.

The BenQ MW519 is built for entertainment. It’s 3D Blu-Ray ready via HDMI, and is capable of producing an image of up to 300 inches in size (measured diagonally).  In addition, the BenQ MW519 supports Vidia® 3DTV PLAY™, which allows you to quickly connect to your desktop or laptop computer for big screen viewing. Further, this model comes with advanced energy saving features, like Standby, SmartEco and Eco Blank Modes, which reduce brightness and power as needed to save energy and prolong the lamp’s operating life.

With these specifications, we can easily see the BenQ MW519 being used for all sorts of applications. In addition to making a first-rate classroom projector, this model is ideal for home. Specifically, given its high resolution, brightness and contrast ratio, it’s well suited to projecting movies and being used for big-screen gaming.

The only drawbacks of this model that we have heard thus far is that it tends to run a little hotter and noisier than others. But these are relatively minor issues as far as we are concerned, and not unanticipated given this projector’s unusual brightness.

Overall, we give the BenQ MW519 2800 Lumen WXGA DLP Smarteco Projector high marks for delivering a strikingly sharp and bright picture; being 3D Blu-Ray compatible; coming with key energy/lamp saving features that ensure a long life; and for its reasonable price, which is significantly less than other projectors with comparable specifications.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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