Avari A450-255 Magnetic Treadmill Review

Avari A450-255 Magnetic Treadmill

Avari A450-255 Magnetic

Magnetic treadmills are a great alternative to powered units. For a very affordable and sturdy little treadmill that uses magnetic resistance and is suitable for walking and running, we suggest you consider the Avari Magnetic Treadmill (model A450-255) is a solid choice. To learn more about this popular model, please keep reading.

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Magnetic treadmills differ from their motorized counterparts by using a slightly inclined track and an array of magnets to create resistance while the user moves the track manually. Basically, your body weight on the slight incline is what gets the track started, rather than a motor. As such, to keep yourself moving, it’s up to you to adjust your walking/running speed, compared to motorized models that dictate the pace that you must keep – or fall off the unit!

Magnetic treadmills are a particularly good option for people living in apartments or other tight living quarters because they make less sound than motorized models and tend to be lighter and more easily stored. Fortunately, they also tend to be less expensive than motorized treadmills.

One new magnetic treadmill that we like for being very affordable, compact and high-quality is the Avari A450-255 Magnetic Treadmill.

The Avari A450-255 uses an 8-degree incline and has up to 8-levels of adjustable magnetic resistance coupled with dual heavy flywheels for a nice, smooth track motion once you get it started. And of course, since it’s magnetic, you won’t need to connect it to any wall socket.

As far as build quality, the Avari A450-255 is remarkably sturdy for a compact treadmill. This is likely due to its relatively heavy steel oval tube frame and somewhat all-around more beefy construction relative to others in its class. This treadmill is therefore easily suitable for individuals up to the rated 250 pounds.

In addition, the track belt is durable and comes with a non-skid, textured surface that helps keep your feet planted on the track to reduce slips or accidents. The hand rail is padded and placed in a comfortable position for support. The unit is easy to store as well, and can be folded and rolled away thanks to its lightweight wheel assembly.

Finally, the Avari A450-255 comes with a surprisingly capable display console, which can be used to monitor workout duration, running/walking speed/distance and calories burned. Further, all of this information can be called up with an easy 3-button configuration, which is particularly handy when you are running and can’t be fumbling around with complicated touch pads.

Beyond coming with good specs, this treadmill has also earned excellent satisfaction ratings. Specifically, users routinely comment on how compact and well built this treadmill is; how easy it is to assemble; and how well it performs.

We agree. For those looking for an affordable magnetic treadmill that feels solid and can be used to walk or run even in the smallest workout rooms/spaces, it’s hard to beat the value you get with the Avari A450-255 Magnetic Treadmill.

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