Autel AULDS708 MaxiDAS Review

Autel AULDS708For serious home car repair junkies, the Autel AULDS708 MaxiDAS Automotive Diagnostic and Analysis System brings a level of sophistication and scan technology that is truly commercial grade, without the dealer-level price tag. Moreover, it’s currently on sale for more than half off of its MSRP – a deal the certainly won’t last forever. If you are interested in a outstanding auto diagnostic system, please keep reading.

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The Autel AULDS708 is not your average consumer-level automotive diagnostic/analysis scanner, nor is it priced that way either.

At the moment, for approximately $1,200, the AULDS708 gives you outstanding diagnostic power that is typically reserved for much higher priced models and names.  For example, with the MaxiDAS, you get comprehensive coverage for over 30 domestic vehicle makes, including not only domestic types but also Asian and European vehicles too.

Add to that extensive functionality, such as live data and ECU programming, to name a few. Moreover, when new software or system updates become available, you can download these automatically via Wi-Fi.

Yet, notwithstanding its power and capabilities, the AULDS708 couldn’t be easier to use. It comes with a simple touch-screen interface and navigation icons that are intuitively laid out. Also handy is this model’s recording and playback features, which lets you monitor live data –a critical feature to help you quickly drill down and identify nonfunctioning sensors/components.

ScreenHunter_07 May. 17 16.43Hey, but you don’t need to take our word for it – what about other Autel AULDS708 MaxiDAS reviews?  The short answer is that this scanner has proven itself with an overall consumer satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on

Further, when you examine these reviews a little more closely, you will see that they routinely comment on the unusual value, power and versatility of this tool:

  • “This tool…has the same bi-directional controls that the dealer scan tools have.”
  • “As an owner and user of many vehicle scanners,…the MaxiDAS 708 comparative capabilities provide the key most needed functions.”
  • “Best “bang for your buck”
  • “The Best Multi-Vehicle Scanner”

In fact, the few negative reviews we could find didn’t really critique the unit’s core performance. For example, one 3-star reviewer complained only that the update process was slow, but then admitted nevertheless:

“If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Snap-on family, this tool is for you.”

We think this sums up the value of the AULDS708 MaxiDAS very aptly. If you are looking for a multi-vehicle scanner that will cost you much less than the bigger, dealer-type names, but which affords comparable power and versatility, then the MaxiDAS is a no-brainer, 5-star outstanding deal. Just don’t wait on this one – 66% percent discounts typically don’t last!!

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