Aura DGFP15120B Panel Heater Review

Space heaters do not have to be bulky, noisy or unattractive – particularly the new breed of ultra-slim convection models, such as the brand new Aura DGFP15120B Glass Flat Panel Radiant Convection Heater with Remote Control.

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Space heaters are a great way to warm rooms in your home, office or the dorm room.  However, often times these units take up significant space, use noisy fans or moving parts, or are simply plain ugly.  Indeed, many of the bargain units look more like science experiments gone wrong, rather than contemporary home appliances.

Well, space heaters have come a long way, and now are smaller and can be cast in more attractive traditional forms, like antique stoves, fireplaces etc.  But what a about those of us who don’t want a traditional design, and instead desire a sleek and contemporary look to their space heater?  Fortunately for these people, there is the Aura DGFP15120B 750/1,500-watt Glass Flat Panel Radiant Convection Heater with Remote Control.

The Aura DGFP15120B is a cutting edge glass flat panel heater that uses innovative x-grid convector technology to produce natural convective heat, without any moving parts.  And because of this lack of moving parts, this unit operates without the noise attendant with other heater models.  It also makes it very safe to use and portable, without dangerous hotspots or glowing red heating elements to attract attention from young ones.

This heater is also highly energy efficient and comes with a 750 and 1,500 watt setting and an auto temperature control feature for power savings.  The panel works by warming up to a pre-set temperature that radiates comforting, low-level heat, which distributes more evenly throughout the room than forced air models. In addition, the DGFP15120B comes with an attractive digital control panel and handy remote control.

Finally, besides being energy efficient, quiet and producing more natural heat, this space heater is stunningly attractive.  With its tempered glass decorative panel and super-thin design, which can be wall-mounted or used with the included rolling casters, this heater is perfect complement to the décor of even the most modern homes.

Overall, we at HGT are big fans of the new Aura DGFP15120B Glass Flat Panel Radiant Convection Heater – it produces natural radiant heat sufficient for rooms up to roughly 150 square feet in area; is very energy efficient; and it has an undeniably sexy look that will complement, rather than detract from, your home décor.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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