Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 Review

Pool Rover S2-40

Pool Rover S2-40 Robotic Pool Cleaner

There are fewer easy options for automating cleaning of in ground and above ground pools. However, one new model that promises, effective simple plug and play use for both is the new Pool Rover S2-40 by Aqua Products. But is this model too good to be true?  For more information and our opinion on this new pool cleaning robot, please read on.

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Have you looked at automatic pool cleaners and been overwhelmed by the various hoses, booster pumps and confusing instructions that seemed to go with them? Indeed, these issues only grow more serious, and your options become more limited, if you have an above ground pool.

Fortunately, one new release brings a simple plug and play model that you can just release into the pool and let go to work – we are talking about the new Aquabot Pool Rover S2-40 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner.

The Pool Rover S2-40 has serious advantages over other cleaners. First off, it’s very fast, reportedly capable of cleaning virtually any pool in about one hour. Compare that with the several hours typically required for your average automatic cleaner. Secondly, it cleans pools of virtually all shapes, sizes and types, including kidney, round, oval, rectangle, L-shaped pools, and those constructed of concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, tile, gunite, etc. Third, it can pick up not only large debris, but also filter out very fine dirt and even algae, down to a size of 2 microns; and it can hold lots of it waste, thanks to a large capacity microfiltration bag. Fourth, with its buggy tires and powerful suction, the Rover can clean sloping surfaces with ease and without getting hung up on obstacles or varying surfaces. And finally, there are no hoses, pumps or other connections to worry about, and the S2-40 uses a direct power system that does not use gears or other belt mechanisms that breakdown and require costly repair or replacement.

This pool cleaning bot comes with a 40 foot power cable, 110 power supply and 2 filter bags. It’s recommended for use in any in-ground or above ground pool up to 30 feet in size.

Overall, we really like the Pool Rover S2-40 – and there’s a lot to like:  it’s relatively affordable for an automatic cleaner; cleans pools of any shape quickly; is extremely simple to use and does not need any hoses or complicated fittings; is plug and play ready; can filter out algae and very fine sediment; and does not use gears/belts in the drive train that tend to break and require costly repairs.

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