Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB 384W LED Review

Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB 384W LED ReviewApollo Horticulture is a familiar name among indoor plant growing enthusiasts, as they produce a wide range of affordable yet high-powered indoor light fixtures. However, in addition to their line of traditional high pressure sodium/metal halide lights, they are actively perfecting LED grow lights. Their latest and greatest LED fixture in our opinion is the Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB Full Spectrum 384W LED Grow Light.

LED grow lights have been around for quite some time now. However, up till now they’ve been very expensive and hard to come by in higher wattages. In addition, the efficacy of their color spectrum has been a source of controversy among many die-hard indoor growers. But that was then.

Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB 384W LED – Quick Specs

The Purple Sun COB (“Chip on Board”) 384W LED is a truly forward-looking grow light that produces very high-intensity color spectrum-optimized light. Moreover, it retains all of the characteristics of LEDs that made them popular alternatives in the first place – long bulb life, cool-to-the-touch running, and extreme efficiency.

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This is a small fixture that takes up very little space. It measures 12.50″ by 6.75″ by 3.62″ and is equipped with two 192 watt bulbs that are each rated to last for 50,000. The light spectrum produced is outstanding for vegetative and flowering cycles. It is fitted with a 6-foot power cord and comes with steel clips for easy hanging. An internal fan constantly blows air over the bulbs to keep them cool, and the entire fixture produces remarkably little heat. If you’ve ever used HPS/MH lamps, you will be delighted, we can assure you!

Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB 384W LED - showing off the purple glow!

This lamp is recommended for rooms with ambient temperatures ranging from 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.

User Ratings

User ratings for the Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB 384W LED have been nothing short of stellar. Currently, it has a perfect 5-star average satisfaction rating on amazon.com. Users praise this fixture for delivering super-bright light for all phases of plant growth, while remaining cool to the touch during operation. The also loved how easy it was to install with the included hanging kit, and were impressed by its all-around great quality.

Price and Value

Currently selling for approximately $275, we think the Purple Sun COB 384W LED provides outstanding value. Not too long ago an LED of this power and quality would have cost twice as much, and there are still many LED fixtures that are in this price range that produce only half of the light intensity, and with a less optimal color spectrum. As we said before, Apollo Horticulture is all about value these days, and it shows in this high-tech yet unusually affordable LED fixture.

Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB 384W LED - easy hanging system includedApollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB 384W LED – Concluding Thoughts

We suspect that, within 5 years or so, just about all serious indoor growers will be using LED fixtures. They are simply better in every category, and are so much more efficient it’s beyond debate. Till now, their higher prices and relatively lower wattage have kept conventional HID lighting in the game, but the Apollo Horticulture Purple Sun COB 384W LED is precisely the type of lamp that is changing the game. It’s super-intense, generates optimal color values, and is affordable to the average grower. This makes it a no-brainer for the serious grower in our book!

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