Allavino MWR-541-BR Wine Cellar Review

If you are serious about storing fine wine, and are looking for a larger wine cellar/ refrigerator that has a wide working temperature range, nice design, and can store up to 51 of your favorite bottles, then the Allavino MWR-541-BR 51 Bottle Wine Cellar Refrigerator may be for you.

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There are wine drinkers, and then there are wine drinkers. Anyone who is serious about wine and wants to properly store, or age, their wine needs to use some type of wine cellar that maintains a stable, proper temperature for the particular wine of interest.  Of course, not many of us have the luxury of having an underground cellar or other dedicated room in the house that is suitable for this purpose, but there are other options, like purchasing a high-quality wine cellar or refrigerator.

Among the free-standing wine cellars out there today, Allavino has been producing some very sharp and well-made models. One particular model that is worth considering is the Allavino MWR-541-BR 51 Bottle Wine Cellar.  This unit has several great specifications that make it a solid product in its class.

First, it has a wide temperature range (between 41F and 60F) so you can store both red and white wines.  Second, because it is designed to vent exhaust air to the front of the unit, if you do not want to use it as a free-standing unit, you can recess the wine cellar into kitchen bars or counters without worrying about ventilation problems.  Third, it has a crisp, lighted digital display that allows monitoring and adjustment of temperatures without having to open the door. Fourth, it comes with 5 shelves that can hold up to 51 standard sized wine bottles, and which glide on ball bearings for smooth and easy use and removal if larger bottles are used.  Fifth, this unit has a large glass front door that has a key-lock and is tinted to prevent harmful UV rays from affecting your wines. And sixth, the wine cellar is sturdily and handsomely built, with a black metal door frame, finished cabinet and cool blue interior light to show off your collection.

We at HGT think that the Allavino MWR-541-BR 51 Bottle Wine Cellar is a smart buy.  The unit has a large capacity, wide temperature range, and is well built with a strong metal frame door and large glass viewing area.  Moreover, this is a very affordable unit compared to other wine cellars with its capacity and features – which allows you to put more of your money into wine!

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