Allavino CWR270-1BS Review

If you are serious about storing wine and want a beautiful free-standing unit that can store up to 107 of your favorite bottles, you should check out the Allavino CWR270-1BS 107 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator.

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Wine cellars / refrigerators are a must for anyone who has a passion for wine and understands the effect of maintaining a proper temperature for wine storage. In addition, wine cellars can serve as a beautiful conversation piece in the home as well. A good example of an attractive unit that comes with advanced features is the Allavino CWR270-1BS 107 Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cellar.

This single-temperature zone wine cellar is built as a free-standing unit that can both heat and cool wine as necessary. Thus, it can be kept in cool or warm rooms and still maintain a precise temperature for your collection. On the outside, it features a button-seamed stainless steel door with a large argon-filled double pane insulated glass front. On the inside, it has 12 wooden shelves on smooth-glide rollers that can store up to 107 standard sized bottles. However, if you want to accommodate larger bottles, these racks slide out easily to create additional space.

The display on the CWR270-1BS is cutting edge. It features a lighted digital control panel that allows temperature to be set between 41F and 72F, depending on the type of wine you collect. This wide operating temperature range allows you to store the most warm-loving reds or bring whites down to serving temperature. The unit also has an activated charcoal filter installed to absorb odors and clean the air passing through the unit.

Allavino is one of the more popular manufacturers of wine cellars/refrigerators today. The reason for this is that they produce stylish and functional models that bring advanced features for a reasonable price. Indeed, for its large capacity, convenient upright design and wide operating temperature range, the Allavino CWR270-1BS is an easy choice for anyone looking to maximize style, capacity and performance for their dollar.

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