Allavino 2X-AWR157-2SS Review

Allavino 2X-AWR157-2SS 336 Bottle

Allavino 2X-AWR157-2SS

If you are lucky enough to have a wine collection of over 300 bottles, then you may want to consider a large capacity wine cellar, like the Allavino 2X-AWR157-2SS – 336 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Door. For product details and our take on this wine fridge, please continue reading.

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As things heat up quickly around the nation, those who have a significant wine collection must be prepared in the event of the inevitable heat wave. And if your wine is good enough to bother storing at all, you’ll want to be sure that you have a cellar/fridge that can reliably cool down your entire collection when/if needed.

The importance of wine storage is only multiplied if you have a really serious wine collection – as in hundreds of bottles of wine. For such cases, we suggest you put your trust in Allavino, which has been around for a long time and is an undisputed leader in wine refrigeration equipment.

For example, if you are pushing 300 bottles, then you will need the size and power of the Allavino 2X-AWR157-2SS – 336 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Door.

As it sounds, the 2X-AWR157-2SS is a beast – holding up to 336 standard-sized bottles in a stylish two door design with large UV-protective glass panes and sharp stainless steel framing. However, size and beauty are not its only assets. This fridge has high-tech soft touch digital temperature controls; removable wooden shelving that rolls luxuriously on ball bearing tracks; a front venting design that allows the unit to be installed flush up against walls; and attractive blue LED interior lighting to beautifully accent your wine collection.

Moreover, with its dual zone compartment system, you can store white and red wines together by setting the temperature within each zone independently. And the powerful compressor used in this unit means that it has the power and range to maintain both red and cold-loving white wines at their optimal temperatures – regardless how hot it may get outside.

Overall, like most of their units, the Allavino 2X-AWR157-2SS is a high-quality wine refrigerator that we like for combining state-of-the-art cooling technology along with great looks and functionality. And although this is not an inexpensive unit, its cost is very modest considering its excellent construction and, of course, the quality of the wine it’s ensuring.

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