6-Hole Chick-Inn Laying Nest Review

6-Hole Chick-Inn Laying Nest

6-Hole Chick-Inn Laying Nest

For a ready-made chicken nesting box that will keep you well-stocked with eggs and is easy to maintain, the 6-Hole Chick-Inn Laying Nest suitable for up to 24 hens is a good deal that should do the trick. For more information about this 6-hole chicken nesting box, please keep on reading.

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Chickens don’t require too much, and can give you a steady stream of eggs in return, so long as basic husbandry requirements are met. As far coaxing them to produce eggs in an orderly and consistent manner, a good nesting box is important. Of course, hens can and will drop eggs just about anywhere, but with a nicely sized nesting box, output is optimized and you don’t have to go around hunting for them!

As far as multiple chicken nesting box systems go, you could certainly build your own if you have the time and interest; however, there are many low-cost pre-made systems that are relatively affordable and designed for egg laying while remaining easy to maintain, like the 6-Hole Chick-Inn Laying Nest.

The 6-Hole Chick-Inn is a chicken nesting box that has six compartments that can accommodate up to 24 hens (4 hens per box). This nesting system is inexpensive, currently selling for around $170, but has several key features and a design comparable to pricier 6-hole boxes.

For example, the 6-Hole Chick-Inn uses optimally-sized holes that are not too big so that hens feel secure, but not too small that they are forced to walk over clutches and potentially break eggs. Further, this box uses plastic lids and front/back paneling that make the system very easy to clean and lightweight, with a sloping roof that avoids roof-perching and messy accumulations of droppings.

The bottom inserts are also plastic, and are of course removable for quick cleaning. In addition, each bank of boxes comes with perches that hinge upwards for convenience and safety. Please note that nesting pads are not included.

Overall, there is nothing too sexy about the 6-Hole Chick-Inn, but there doesn’t need to be. If you are looking for a simple, yet well-designed and lightweight 6-hole chicken nesting box that is easy to use and maintain, then this is a very smart choice.

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