2013 WiFi Baby 2.0 Review

WiFi Baby 2.0 (2013 Model)


If you are on the search for a new baby monitor, be advised that the WiFi Baby Monitoring System is new and improved for 2013. But does it live up to the hype? For more information about the WiFi Baby 2.0, please continue reading.

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With the improvements in wireless video cameras over the last few years, baby monitors have surged in popularity and become more and more advanced while remaining relatively affordable. The continual march of progress has also improved upon already popular, cutting-edge monitors – take for example the new 2013 model WiFi Baby 2.0 (model WFB2013).

The WiFi Baby 2.0 is based on its predecessor version that earned very high marks for it’s remarkable smartphone compatibility. However, this new for 2013 model crams even more power and technology into its discrete 3-inch square camera that makes it even faster and more impressive than before.

In particular, the new chipset and more advanced H.264 compression technology has significantly reduced the unit’s bandwidth requirements while improving its data storage – the end result is enhanced video streaming, smooth audio and additional recording time on the unit’s internal memory and Micro SD card.

Like the prior version, the WiFi Baby 2.0 is designed for easy network connectivity via your home WiFi network and is compatible with most smart devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets, etc. This 2013 version can also be programmed to deliver alerts in addition to password-protected video. Moreover, it’s expandable up to 4 cameras, a live feed from each of which can be viewed simultaneously on your phone/pc with a handy split-screen function. This is very cool if you have multiple rooms to monitor – or multiple babies! As with the earlier version, this system comes with solid night vision capabilities and can be used with most popular operating systems.

In addition to being a first-rate baby monitor, the WiFi Baby 2.0 also doubles as an excellent nanny cam. And while the previous version also served this function, the 2.0 benefits from its greater bandwidth efficiency and compression ratio, which allow it to record for longer periods to the internal memory or auxiliary Micro SD Card.

The chief complaint of the 2.0, like its precursor, is that it can be difficult to set up for some users. In addition, because this system is based on your home WiFi network, if you lose internet, you loose your video feed.

Overall, we like the 2013 WiFi Baby 2.0. Nevertheless, we find it similar enough to its precursor model (the WFBYMK4-N) such that we don’t see much point in purchasing the 2.0 as an upgrade, if you already have the older version. On the other hand, we’d easily recommend the 2.0 to first-time purchasers, since the 2013 WiFi Baby does provide a step up from the prior version in terms of improved streaming, expandability and increased data storage, while currently selling for about the same price as the WFBYMK4-N.

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