2010 Crazy Fit Massager Vibration Machine Review

2010 Crazy Fit Massager

2010 Crazy Fit Massager

If you are into the very popular vibration exercise movement, then you may be interested in the huge discount currently available on the very highly-rated 2010 Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine. For more information about this 5-star vibration exerciser, please continue reading.

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Among the recent, “passive” exercise machines to hit the market, probably the most popular right now are the vibration-type machines, which were reportedly inspired by technology originally developed for Russian cosmonauts.  We have to warn you – there is a lot of hype surrounding this technology and its health benefits, so do tread lightly.

From what we can tell, it appears that the medical community recognizes that these machines and vibration therapy in general may offer health benefits, including increased bone density, improved circulation and much-needed muscle stimulation, especially for individuals who are unable to engage in traditional exercises.

However, it also appears, to us anyway, that the claims being made by manufacturers as a whole are likely to be overstated, and may not be backed by reliable empirical studies. Nevertheless, as we stated earlier, vibration exercise is believed to be beneficial to some degree. Moreover, it makes many people feel relaxed, which probably makes this therapy worthwhile regardless.

As far as vibration equipment goes, we could not help but notice the screaming hot deal right now on the 2010 Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine. In fact, at its current selling price of $209, this model has been marked down a full 89% from its MSRP!

Further, the 2010 Crazy Fit Massager appears to be very well-built and reliable.  Indeed, this model’s consistent 4-5 star glowing satisfaction ratings speak for themselves. As far as it’s build-quality, users commonly note how well-designed this vibrating massager is and how silently runs. They also appreciate its vibration intensity adjustment feature.

More importantly, users appear intoxicated by how good the 2010 Crazy Fit Massager makes them feel. Many report feeling more toned, more relaxed and more flexible. Others indicate experiencing reduced stress, greater stamina and reduced joint/body pain after regular use.

In our view, while we would not use the 2010 Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine in lieu of more traditional exercise (e.g., walking), there is no denying that users are impressed with this unit and that it does, at the very least, deliver a pleasurable, relaxing experience. Add to that an enormous discount on this consistently 5-star model and you have no good reason not to try it!

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