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Welcome to! My name is James Cromwell. I’m a home and garden guy that loves to lend some advice where I can, and I’ve personally written or edited all of the articles and reviews on this site. Whether you are looking for dishwasher reviews, lawnmower reviews, reviews about robotic pool cleaners, home theater systems, home security systems, to space heater – and everything in between – I’m confident that you’ll find some helpful suggestions on this site.

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As a homeowner myself, I can relate to those looking for some basic information and reasonable recommendations concerning home appliances. Today, more than ever, the online market for virtually any home appliance has become saturated with manufacturers clamoring for your business. In most cases, the more established companies tend to play by the rules. But some, especiallyLawnmower & Garden Care Reviews

those looking to enter markets, are in my experience more likely to make bold claims aimed at generating quick sales rather than satisfied customers.

All of the products featured on this site are those that I’ve personally reviewed and deemed useful and reliable. I’ve also taken great pains to gather and analyze user reviews on popular online markets, such as I don’t review junk products or those made to turn a quick buck.

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General Tips When Considering Appliance Reviews

Make Sure It’s Written In Coherent English

Whether it’s on this site or anywhere else, you should be wary of any site with poor writing and grammar. All too often, churn and burn “review sites” are created only to encourage clicks to sponsors. The actual text on these sites is really an afterthought, something that was rushed or contracted out to writers who have no familiarity with the product category.

Portable Generator ReviewsLook For Some Actual, Educated Opinions

In many cases, appliance reviews will be nothing more than a cut and paste of a product description. In other cases, the product description will merely be “spun” – reworded very slightly, sometimes with software. These writeups will typically ring hollow and sound like a badly-translated product flyer. This, of course, is exactly what they are. To help ensure that an actual person, using their brain and experience has prepared the review,

look for a more involved discussion of how the product works; how it benefits you; and how it relates to other products in it’s category.

Canister Vacuum ReviewsBe Wary of Some Bloggers Claiming to Use All of the Products Reviewed

There are certainly cases where very niche-specific bloggers actually test out each and every product they feature; however, red flags should go up when someone claims to have used each of the 500 products they’ve written 300-500 word reviews on. This is a real pet peeve of mine, as it’s outright lying, and speaks volumes about the integrity of their website as a whole.

Cross-Compare the Product Reviews With Other Sources

Like most things in life, it’s worth getting a second opinion. One of the best sources of honest reviews is on internet marketplaces like and ebay. Take care to not put too much stock into a few reviews, as they can sometimes be scripted, but any product with a couple dozen or more reviews should give you a fair look at the quality and usefulness of the home appliance. I’d Dishwasher Reviewsalso suggest not getting bogged down by some of the reviews on the fringes – i.e., the extremely positive or negative reviews. In many cases, these extreme views don’t really reflect that majority of users and can be a result of a variety motivations. Sometimes they are planted by the competition; sometimes they are payback for some customer service dispute; and sometimes they are flat out unfair. On the other hand, if you see a pattern of complaints about a particular feature or aspect of the product, chances are it’s a fair criticism.

Enjoy Your Search!

Charcoal & Gas Grill ReviewsFinally, have fun researching your home appliances. Today we are fortunate to have so much information at our fingertips. As such there is no excuse for not being able to do a bit of quick homework to find the most high-quality and cost effective products for your intended purpose. Of course, we hope that this website helps you along on this journey and perhaps saves you a bit of time as well.

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